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"A healer does not heal you, a healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself." – MaryAnn Hasnaa

       Reiki 1 Energy Course:

This six-week course is taught in small groups once weekly for three hours.  

This workshop includes:

* Introduction to the basics of energy anatomy (the chakra system)

* Introduction to the metaphysics of dis-ease and discomfort

* Meditation techniques to better understand the messages of our body and how to best support ourselves to restore balance

* Space and personal energy clearing and protection practices

* Reiki 1 certification which includes the history of Reiki and instruction on using your intuition to guide you in using this healing practice     for yourself and your loved ones. 

* Lots of hands-on healing practice time


       Reiki II Energy Course:

This six-week course is taught in small groups once weekly for three hours. The Energy Healing workshop and Reiki 1 Certification or Reiki 1 Certification from another Reiki Master Teacher is a pre-requisite to these courses. 


The Reiki II Workshop is designed for the student who desires to deepen their understanding of channeling the life force energy. 

This workshop includes:


* Three of the sacred Reiki symbols

* Advanced healing techniques using the symbols

* The art of Distance Healing and its many uses

* Hands-on practice time is emphasized in this course

      Reiki III Energy Course:


The Reiki Master Workshop is a course designed for the student who desires to begin the life-long journey of self-mastery and personal sovereignty. 

This workshop includes:


* The two Sacred Master symbols and their uses

* Additional chakra knowledge

* Sacred geometry and partnering with it in a personal practice and as a practitioner

* Advanced meditation techniques

* Aura clearing techniques

* Personal spiritual development is emphasized in this course


Reiki Master Teacher Certification

This is offered on an individual basis and is designed to meet the personal needs of the student.


"I completed Tamara's Reiki 1 course in May of 2018, continued with  Reiki 2 in the fall, and Reiki 3 in the winter of 2019.  The material that was presented was informative and inspiring, but I was equally impressed with how comprehensive the course was.  I have seen Reiki classes offered in one day or all 3 levels in one weekend.  This may work for some, but is not nearly enough time for me to fully absorb such an amazing, expansive practice.  For each level, we met weekly for 6 weeks and were allowed plenty of time to practice what we were learning.  Tamara is a highly gifted, intuitive, and compassionate teacher and practitioner.  Her sense of humor and down to earth nature were a perfect fit for me!  Reiki is an amazing tool for anyone interested in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing.  Tamara  helped me to connect with (and BE) the best version of myself and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to do the same." 



"I truly loved taking all of my Reiki courses with Tamara.  She is incredibly warm-hearted, authentic, kind, loving, connected, and knowledgeable. Every Reiki course was enlightening and truly life changing. It’s amazing to realize the possibilities of the energies that exist, and how we can all use it for good and healing. Tamara truly walks the walk on her own healing journey and is definitely a product of her own work. I am eternally grateful not only for Tamara’s knowledge but to learn from her in such a gentle and loving way.  Thank you Tamara for lovingly showing the way."


"Tamara is a master teacher and healer and it shows in all of her offerings. In her Reiki trainings, she thoroughly covers not just the processes of becoming a Reiki practitioner but how the human energy system functions on every level. Because the courses are six weeks in length, there is ample time to digest and assimilate the teachings and also to have a transformative personal experience. Tamara also weaves in education from other modalities and healing systems to make this a well rounded program. She includes ritual practices and syncs with the moon cycles to further embody the overall experience. If you are looking for a solid Reiki training program, this is definitely it."


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