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Healing Sessions Tailored to Your Needs


I believe there are many realms and possibilities to harness the universal life force for healing. There are so many possibilities in flow, like the energies of the Earth and Spirit, the wisdom of star beings and nature fairies, spirit animals and ancestors. These all offer divine asisstance to help regain balance and clarity. My path is to hold space, receive guidance and bring forth optimal tools.

My healing sessions are born from a connective process that starts with intuitive impressions based on what I sense in my client's appearance and conversation. With that perception, the modalities that will best resonate with my clients are revealed. A number of practices may be brought forth as guided and may include: spiritual counseling, shadow work, hands on healing, sound healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing, guided meditation.

I allow two hours for a session. A typical session includes the following:

Pre-session consultation time where a client can share what they feel needs attention and if there are any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual concerns they would like to focus on. Post-session follow-up to share about their experience and any intuitive guidance that may have come to awareness during the session. All sessions can be done either in person or remotely.


What to expect:

During and after a session some clients report feelings of tingling in the body, warmth, cold, vibration, emotions coming to the surface, etc. Some clients feel nothing physically. All experiences are welcome. The energy works to heal and guide us to our truth whether we feel it physically or not.  It is very common to feel deep relaxation as the energy restores balance to the central nervous system.  Often a good nights sleep is experienced after a healing session which I believe is always welcome. All of this, along with the opening to life altering change, personal growth and healing on all levels are possible.  


Price : $80 for a two hour session


"Tamara has been and continues to be such an important part of my journey in my life. A client originally recommended Tamara and I couldn't be more grateful. Her reiki skills and beautiful energy are amazing. Like no other I've encountered.  She has enabled me to learn so much about myself and heal in so many ways with the reiki sessions. I look forward to each time we meet." 


"Working with Tamara has changed my life and journey. The shift continues with every appointment! During our session’s Divine cosmic energies and higher dimensional beings continue to come through and assist with clearing and releasing across lifetimes, human and non. During the sessions and weeks afterwards, I remain empowered to clear and release energies, guides, beliefs, and emotions that are not supporting my ideal energetic timeline knowing that all is now. As a fellow Reiki Master (multiple lineages), I know that Tamara’s gift is truly multidimensional."


"I started seeing Tamara a little over a year ago in 2019. I was suffering from head shingles at the time. I had little or no will to live. I have experienced years of childhood and adult trauma without any therapy. Fast forward a year later... I am now one of her students. Not only has she helped me heal myself, but now I am able to heal others. My health and emotional state has turned around tremendously. I recommend any and all services she has to offer. If you are ready for REAL healing, then she is the one to contact."


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