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Hello Beloved One,

Thank you for visiting my site and wanting to learn more about me. I hope that by sharing a bit about myself you may come to know me and perhaps choose to further your own journey of remembrance. 

Technically I suppose my journey began with Reiki in 2008. But I believe the greater truth is it probably began long before. A series of life events and synchronicities brought me to the beautiful soul who introduced me to Reiki in exactly the perfect moment for it to be a profoundly life altering awakening. I am forever grateful for that day and all the days leading up to it and coming after it. 

Lifting the Veil of Illusion

At the time I believed a health situation sent me to my new Reiki Master Teacher friend. What was illuminated was years of deeply held anxiety, fear, sadness and grief that I’d been carrying and suffering with for decades yet normalizing. Just like so many of us I got up each day and put my mask of having it all together on and more or less went about living a life of pleasing others and perfectionism. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with my life. It just felt like something was missing.


That something was me. The real me. My soul could not allow this anymore. My mind and body were speaking to me of their struggles daily and I knew I was heading in a direction that wasn’t best for my well-being.  It was time for me to look beneath the conditioned responses, the programs of disempowerment, the mis-beliefs, all of it, to re-member my soul self and the ancient wisdom that lives within me. It was time for a personal reclamation. 


Remembering My Gifts and Power

Already a years long student of yoga, I devoted myself to my meditation and yoga practice. I completed Reiki training with my newly found teacher and 500 hours of yoga teacher training with another amazing teacher. I devoted every waking moment I could spare to learning everything I could about energy healing in many modalities. I spent time learning from many healers and from my own deep knowing.


Every teacher, every class, every book, every healer, and every new friend had important information I needed to ignite a great remembrance of embodied love and trust. Every single step was essential to re-member my intuitive gifts, my creativity, my power, my devotion to the growth and evolution of humanity, my devotion to Gaia and to the Divinity within us all and perhaps most importantly to re-member the living wisdom within me that wants to be expressed and wants to guide us back to love.

Partnering with the

Medicine of the Universe

My current practice is ever evolving as more and more living wisdom comes forth. I think of myself as partnering with the sacred medicine of the Universe in all forms. I call the energy that expresses through me Spirit of Gaia as it is truly a flow of so many offerings available in our world. I love partnering with the sacred medicines of sound, crystals, plant medicine, our body temples, ancestors, Gods and Goddesses, animal spirit energies and any others who make themselves known to me. I love to open up to the flow of whatever healing energy wants to come through. 

It is my greatest honor to share this sacred medicine with any who wish to walk this path with me. I offer a container of loving support, deep listening and the Spirit of Gaia Healing Arts to guide you on your journey to your own remembrance of yourself as a Divine, whole, embodiment of love.


Blessed be beloved one. May you find peace, love and your own eternal fire burning strong within you today and all days. And so it is. 

XOXO Tamara

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